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December 2014: Our Most Popular Resources – 2014 Highlights!





Assessment Tool: Electronic Folder Structures

Electronic Folder Structures

Want to get better at naming electronic folders? This tool will help!

These assessment questions will help you create electronic folders that meet compliance requirements and allow users to find information faster. This tool can be used as either a check-up on current practices or a checklist of opportunities to add value.

We’ll look at:

  • Records Management Program Support
  • Structural Design
  • Content Identification
  • Maintenance and Use
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How Metadata Works with Records Management

Metadata and Records Management

In this white paper, we explore how metadata can work with your existing records management practices to improve overall efficiency.

You’ll discover:

  • How metadata applies to records management
  • Why metadata improves search capabilities across your organization
  • The relationship between metadata and folder structures and hierarchies
  • How to ensure it works in conjunction with your RM practices
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The EDRMS Opportunity: Demonstrating the Value Of RM

Leveraging Metadata, Taxonomy in Records Management

Is your organization planning an EDRMS implementation?

Find out how you can leverage your metadata, information architecture and taxonomy expertise to put records management at the forefront of the project.

We’ll look at:

  • What we mean by IA, taxonomy, and metadata in terms of EDRMS projects
  • Creating positive outcomes for EDRMS implementations
  • Putting an implementation project together step by step
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Choosing the Right Metrics for Your Records Management Program

Records Management Metrics

A look at the role of metrics in demonstrating the value of RM, specifically in organizations that have implemented an electronic records management system. In this post we outline a four-step process to arriving at the right metrics.

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Four Reasons to Consider a Centralized Filing System

Centralized Filing System

To centralize or not to centralize? It is one of the most common questions in records management. Understanding these four benefits will help you decide if centralization is right for your organization.

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Managing Paper and Electronic Records in the Hybrid Environment

Hybrid Records Management: Managing Paper and Electronic Records Together

Of all the challenges facing records managers, handling paper and electronic in the same environment is probably the toughest of all. The secret is to apply tried-and-true records management best practices within this new reality.

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Product of the Year: TAB FusionRMS

TAB FusionRMS Overview Video

This year we saw a big increase in the number of organizations using TAB FusionRMS to get control of their information. Is FusionRMS right for you?

Check out our quick overview video to find out more.

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