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January 2013 OnRecord Newsletter: Risk Management for the Hybrid Records Management Environment

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1.  Risk Management for the Hybrid Environment: An Action Plan for Disaster Recovery and Vital Records Protection

Will your organization be able to continue should the unthinkable happen?

Protecting your vital records is a great way to help ensure that the answer is a confident “yes.” To do this, organizations need to take into account the requirements of the records and the risks involved, making it critical to assess those risks before creating a plan.

This process can be complicated, especially now with the emergence of the hybrid environment where more and more file collections mix paper and electronic records.

The good news is that like many challenges, the combination of vital records and hybrid record-keeping also brings opportunity.

This action plan details 7 steps for seizing that opportunity, addressing these challenges in a way that will solve them efficiently while raising your program’s profile as a strategic organizational resource.

In it, you’ll learn how to:

  • Handle the hybrid “complication”
  • Identify vital records
  • Identify threats to these records
  • Quantify the possible impact of each threat
  • Quantify the probability of each threat occurring
  • Calculate overall risk level
  • Implement risk mitigation strategies
  • Test and reassess your system

Download this valuable resource here.

2. Video: Hybrid Records Best Practices in Action

We know that managing paper and electronic records in the same environment is becoming a huge challenge for records managers everywhere, and this video features hybrid records management best practices, and also includes examples of real-world applications.

You can watch it here.

3. VIDEO: Real Life RM—Modernizing Your Records Collection

How do you modernize a massive file room with a hundred years worth of records stored in dusty boxes and lateral filing systems?

That was the challenge Eddie Phillips faced when he became registrar of Malcolm X College (MXC), one of the City Colleges of Chicago.

Malcolm X College Hybrid Records Project - VIDEO

In this video, Phillips walks you step-by-step through the process, developed with TAB, which gave MXC a sophisticated physical records management and a digital RM system that helped them realize huge efficiencies.

Watch the video.


4. Best of the Blog: Creating the Records Retention Schedule You Need

Our most popular blog in January looks at how you can create the retention schedule that is right for your organization. Read the full post here.


5. VIDEO: Realizing Efficiencies with TAB FusionRMS

When we created TAB FusionRMS, we had one goal: to make it easier and simpler for records managers to get more done in a day.

TAB FusionRMS Overview Video

This short video demonstrates how TAB FusionRMS does that. Follow Michelle, a records manager at Standard Corporation, through a typical morning as she uses TAB FusionRMS to quickly and efficiently get through her to-do list.

If you’d like to find out more about how TAB FusionRMS can help you be more efficient, please get in touch.

6. What Your Colleagues Are Downloading

Want to know what your colleagues are reading? Here are some of our popular downloads.

Tips for Managing Paper & Electronic Records in the Hybrid Environment

Applied as part of a comprehensive records management solution, the techniques and tools discussed here can help your organization thrive in both the paper and electronic worlds, bringing the two together in one value-add for your organization’s business.

Get it here.

Electronic Folder Structures Needs Assessment

This tool tells you how to design and name electronic folders so your organization can comply with laws and find information faster and more reliably. The assessment addresses four key areas:

  • Records Management Program Support
  • Structural Design
  • Content Identification
  • Maintenance and Use

Get it here.


January 2013: In This Issue
Risk Management for the Hybrid EnvironmentWebinar: Get Better at Managing the Hybrid Environment

VIDEO: Real Life RM—Modernizing Your Records Collection

Best of the Blog: Creating the Records Retention Schedule You Need

VIDEO: Realizing Efficiencies with TAB FusionRMS

What Your Colleagues are Downloading

Top Downloads
Tips for Managing Paper & Electronic Records in the Hybrid Environment »

Electronic Folder Structures Needs Assessment

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