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About TAB

TAB works with you to help you organize, manage and access your critical documents and records within a complete records management framework. With more than 60 years of knowledge and experience, TAB can provide you with the best in records management products and services.

Organized information means lower costs

An organized records management system ensures that only relevant files are maintained, reduces duplication of work, and allows for the smooth transfer of information within your organization.

Together we can refine your records management system to make it less complicated and more efficient. We will help you reduce your storage costs, space requirements and information retrieval time, while lowering your overall labor costs.

We can help you reduce your costs by:

  • Improving facilities utilization
  • Minimizing off-site storage costs
  • Implementing cost avoidance strategies

Accessibility leads to more efficient processes

Lost files, document duplication, and internal information that is difficult to find can slow customer response times and increase your operating expenses.

TAB solutions will ensure that the right information is where it is supposed to be – reducing filing errors, improving search times and preventing documents from being misplaced. We help your employees find the information they need, when they need it.

We can work with you to increase operational efficiencies by:

  • Providing better access to information
  • Sharing organizational knowledge
  • Improving business processes

Managed records lowers exposure to risk

TAB works closely with you to understand your particular records management challenges. We then map out a plan and implement a customized solution.

In doing so, TAB helps you manage risk and minimize exposure to litigation by developing records retention guidelines for the timely and appropriate disposition of documents.

TAB provides you with a complete records management system and ensures that you are aware of the vital records you need to protect.

TAB can help you lower your exposure to risk by:

To learn more about our solutions as well as records management tips and news, check out our blog at RecordsManagement.tab.com.

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