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Mergers and Acquisitions

Is your company involved in a mergers and acquisition scenario? Relax, TAB can help!

M&A scenarios can be a stressful time for any records manager because it means integrating and streamlining the two companies’ records management operations into one.

TAB can show you how to implement a single records management program from two different organizations while simultaneously reducing costs, minimizing disruption to your business and ensuring regulatory compliance. Here’’s a high-level look at what we do:

Analyze, Classify, Retain

We start by getting an understanding of your business functions and processes. Our professionals will then develop a classification system to better organize your information, taking business practices and relevant laws into account. The classification is the structure that identifies your corporate records holdings and works as a “sign post,” to clearly identify information and facilitate hardcopy and electronic filing, retrieval and archiving.

Once the classification is complete, TAB develops a plan including a records retention strategy to help you identify the records that need to be kept, how they should be stored, and when you can legally dispose of them. We will then help you set up the right policies and procedures, train your employees, and implement a monitoring system to ensure program compliance.

Merge, convert files for increased efficiency

TAB can help you transform different document storage systems into a single highly efficient, secure records management system. We provide the people, methods and products to streamline your existing filing practices, so you can achieve efficiencies in time, space and cost.

We can show you how multiple file organization methods can be consolidated into a single, centralized system that eliminates duplication and confusion. Our processionals can also facilitate a switch from one storage type to another and guide you through the process of folder conversion.

Throughout the consolidation or conversion, we’’ll take care of all sorting, validation, and filing of your documents into the new system. That means peace of mind.

Manage your risk

TAB ensures that your records management practices are compliant with all industry-specific regulations and legislation. We develop comprehensive programs outlining everything from duplication and dispersal requirements, through storage and access restrictions, to the eventual destruction of records no longer deemed vital as outlined by a records retention schedule.

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