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TAB’s Business Process Outsourcing Services

Are your business processes as efficient as they can be? Are you considering outsourcing portions of your operations? TAB can help.

Leading organizations are outsourcing their business processes for a number of reasons, including:

Cost Reduction – Reduced costs, and labor costs in particular, is one of the most common drivers for outsourcing. BPO providers must continually invest in their core processes and are therefore able to provide these services far more efficiently and with less labor, resulting in lower costs for your organization.

Improved Quality, Efficiency and Turnaround Times – Because BPO providers have chosen to make your non-core processes their core competency, they are able to invest in the resources necessary to achieve a much higher level of expertise. The end result is improved quality, efficiency and turnaround time, which leads to greater customer satisfaction and better information availability.

Access to Knowledge Workers, Process and Technology Resources – Working with a BPO provider allows businesses to stay current in terms of knowledge, technology and innovation without the high training and capital costs. A good BPO partner will stay up-to-date on best business practices and innovations in order to continuously improve your processes.

Focus on Your Business – When an organization turns to an outside provider, it allows them to focus time and talent on the core of their business. Outsourcing also converts fixed costs into variable costs, freeing capital for investment in your organization.

TAB’s Business Process Fundamentals

The foundation of every program we create for our customers is a deep understanding of the client’’s business processes.

We first start by understanding where they are strong and where they are weak, and we then start to address the process picture with the appropriate services or strategic partnerships if necessary. This allows our clients to leverage our knowledge workers and internal processes to realize the efficiencies and cost savings they were looking for, freeing them to concentrate on their core businesses.

Powered by TAB FusionRMS

TAB’s BPO offering is powered by TAB FusionRMS. FusionRMS can give organizations the data they need, and TAB can help expand that knowledge into enhanced management visibility.

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    TAB offers both Operations
    Management Services and
    Records Management
    Services to cover a variety
    of administrative business
    processes, allowing you
    to focus on your business.
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    TAB’s BPO expertise is
    designed to help several
    verticals including
    insurance, healthcare,
    energy and pharmaceutical.
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