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Managing Your Shared Drive for Maximum Efficiency

Shared drives—they’’re an easy way to store the vast amount of electronic records generated in the course of business. They can also be an excellent tool for collaborating and sharing information. But most organizations simply aren’’t managing them the right way. In fact, we regularly see chaotic shared drives that make finding and retrieving information nearly impossible. The key to solving this problem is to structure your drive in a logical and intuitive way. That’s where we can help.

Proven methodology

At TAB, we’’ve developed an eight-step methodology to help address some of the common issues that organizations face when it comes to their shared drives. We’’ll work with your staff to:

  • Design a framework and folder structure for shared drive management
  • Set permissions and passwords
  • Prepare for implementation
  • Train staff
  • Implement the new drive
  • Migrate data
  • Purge unnecessary and duplicate electronic records

Getting the most out of your shared drive doesn’’t have to be difficult. By understanding some of the common problems with public drives and following a logical methodology to address shared drive management, you can develop an efficient and systematic approach to sharing and electronic records storage.

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