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Tambour Locking Door

Secure Filing Cabinets

The Tambour Locking Door is a superior secure filing cabinet product when it comes to both durability and performance. It has been designed to be installed on new or existing TAB cabinets and shelving, as well as on most other brands of units.

Designed and Built to Last

The Tambour Door is made of a patented interlock system with durable, flexible hinges, providing superior strength, durability and long-lasting reliability. A single lock secures the file cabinet and locks may be keyed so that a single key will fit multiple cabinets. The door housing is constructed of furniture quality 18-gauge cold rolled sheet steel and the rails are constructed of 18 or 20 gauge cold rolled steel. A flange across the entire unit provides a decorative look and added stability.

Easy to Operate

Our Tambour Door operates on a high-quality customized counterbalance system. The counterbalance system is manufactured with metal components which provide stability and long-term reliability to the mechanisms found in the doors. Dual aluminum handles are located at the base of the unit and a built-in mid-grip handle is located approximately 28″ from the floor.


  • Constructed with a patented interlock system with durable flexible hinges that provide superior strength, durability and long lasting reliability.
  • The Tambour material is lightly textured for improved scratch resistance.
  • Dual easy-grip aluminum handles are located at the bottom of the door.
  • A built-in mid-grip handle is located approximately 28″ from the floor.
  • A single lock secures the filing cabinet. Locks may be keyed alike for added convenience.
  • The counterbalance is manufactured from rugged, durable steel components.
  • The Tambour Locking Door can be ordered in a variety of standard widths and heights. Custom sizes are also available.
  • Adds just 9″ to the height of the cabinet or shelving unit and 2″ to the depth.

To learn more about Tambour Locking Door kits, please contact your TAB sales representative or complete our response form.

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