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TAB Records Management and File Labeling Software

Compliance, litigation, and electronic records are just some of the factors that are driving organizations toward records management software.

The key to getting the right software solution for your organization is to understand that records management (RM) software is just one part of a larger solution. Simply buying and installing file labeling software won’’t make you compliant, but when used as part of a comprehensive RM program it can help get you to compliance and much more.

*Note: URGENT!! TAB no longer supports FileTracker branded software. End-users who have yet to upgrade are urgently encouraged to upgrade to TAB FusionRMS as soon as possible. For more information on the discontinuation of FileTracker and upgrade to TAB FusionRMS, please click here. Click here for Frequently Asked Questions.

TAB provides file labeling software and other records management products and solutions for the medical, legal, pharmaceutical and financial services industries. To find out more about our filing software, complete our response form or call to reach a rep at one of our offices in Washington, Houston, Colorado, Wisconsin, San Diego, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Boston, North Carolina, Philadelphia, Miami, Dallas, Kansas City, Los Angeles, New York, New Jersey, Cincinnati, Akron, Chicago and Tennessee.

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