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Make Imaging Documents Easier with TABQUIK and TAB FusionRMS

Right now, organizations everywhere are converting their paper records into digital images in order to become more efficient. When you image your documents, everything gets faster, including the process of indexing, retrieving, storing, sharing and maintaining your records.

Tracking Files and Documents is Key

Of course, the imaging process is full of challenges and one of the biggest is keeping track of folders and documents during the scanning process. Your valuable information needs to stay accessible at all times, and the last thing you want is to lose information along the way.

Bar coded Labels to the Rescue

This is where TABQUIK can help. Our labeling software provides a simple, easy and fast way to create labels containing bar codes for all your files and documents. Here’s how it works:

1. Select a Label Design. Choose from a wide variety of label designs or have your own custom label created.

2. Enter or Import Your Data. Data can be entered manually or imported from any Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, SQL database or delimited text file

3. Print Your Labels. You can print labels on virtually any color printer in minutes. No special training is required.

Get Tracking

Once your bar coded labels are printed, they can then be entered into TAB FusionRMS, our physical records tracking system.

With FusionRMS, files can be checked in and out using bar code readers (or through keyboard entry) for quick and error-free transfers. Remote scanners can be used at imaging project workstations or in the file room to capture file usage information.
Now you can track every physical item that needs to be scanned throughout the process, ensuring that it is always accessible and doesn’t go missing.

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