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POWER-TRAC II High Density Powered Mobile System

POWER-TRAC II is TAB’s heavy-duty, high-density, electrical mobile file storage system that offers superior filing density for even the heaviest of media.

Double-faced shelving is arranged in a “T” intersection to the wall, allowing you to create aisles only where and when you need them, with one touch of the directional control.

The POWER-TRAC II heavy-duty file storage system can maneuver carriages up to 40 feet long* and store up to 40,000 pounds of materials.

POWER-TRAC II is ideal for environments where large amounts of material are stored, heavy materials are involved and user file access is frequent.

To learn more about POWER-TRAC II double-faced shelving for high density file storage, please contact your TAB sales representative or complete our response form.

*Longer carriages are available. Contact us to request a quote.

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