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Rollok Rolling Doors

Secure File Storage

Secure your existing file storage with Rollok doors.

Thanks to compliance issues, privacy regulations and the constant threat of expensive lawsuits due to mismanaged information, making sure your files, records and documents are secure is essential.

Rollok rolling doors make any existing file storage unit or structure completely secure and compliant. The doors can be placed in front of lateral filing systems, custom built shelving units or be used as a door to close off an entire file room. Whatever your file storage situation, Rollok doors provide secure file storage without the added cost of new furniture or removing and replacing existing files.


  • Rolls down and secures files
  • Locks with a single key


  • Affixes to new or existing shelving
  • No need to relocate existing charts
  • Covers multiple sections with one door
  • Preserves existing filing inches
  • Extenders allow for protruding folders


  • Made of lightweight aluminum
  • Spring-assisted for effortless operation
  • Motorized, remote-controlled doors available
  • Easy installation with clip attachments
  • No drilling necessary with clips

To learn more about how Rollok Doors can secure your file storage, please contact your TAB sales representative or complete our response form.

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