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lateral mobile records storage solution

TAB’’s SIDE-TRAC is a simple lateral mobile records storage solution that makes your cabinets even more efficient. It lets you fit more files in less space, as the cabinets are arranged in two compact rows, eliminating aisle space. The front cabinets are mounted on tracks and move from side to side, allowing access to the back row of records storage. Access is created only where and when it is needed.

Sections can be configured with up to nine cabinets—four in the front and five in the back. SIDE-TRAC can be seamlessly added to your existing storage solution as you grow. This mobile records storage solution provides an easy, economical and efficient way to provide access to your records.

SIDE-TRAC is ideal for high-density, decentralized file areas.

To learn more about the SIDE-TRAC lateral mobile records storage solution, please contact your TAB sales representative or complete our response form.

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