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TAB Records Storage Services

Records Storage services TAB  provides secure off-site records storage facilities that make storing files convenient and affordable. Not only will you get your files faster, but we’ll help you reduce costs by replacing your knowledge workers and fixed rate storage environment with TAB’’s professional records management team and state of the art storage centers.

Save Costs

Are you spending too much? Are you renting a records storage area but using only a small portion of a larger space? Are you storing documents than are no longer required? TAB can help you spend less with:

  • Rates by the box, so you only pay for what you store
  • Managed record destruction destroying out-of-date files


Stop driving out to a records storage facility and hauling filing boxes. With a TAB off-site records center, you’’ll get:

  • Pick-up of your files from your office
  • Timely delivery of records from our site to yours


Self-storage environments are not designed to safely store files for long periods of time. TAB off-site records storage centers feature:

  • Secure managed facilities
  • Professional records management staff hired and trained as specialists in the storage industry
  • Standards that comply with all government and industry standards


Do you know what is in every box you’’ve stored? Are you sure it’s still there? TAB will help you know what is in each filing box, and ensure that the inventory is up to date. TAB services can include:

  • Complete inventories of each box
  • Managed storage and retrieval activity with up to date box content listings


Trust TAB to professionally manage your records. We are experts in the full range of records storage services, from file creation through destruction. TAB can even convert your paper records to digital images that can further reduce your storage requirements and allow records to be accessible to all your staff all the time.

For more information about TAB’s Record Storage services, call 1-800-210-3453 or email us. For information on our Scan-On-Demand services, click here.

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