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Consider a TAB Gap Analysis

Could your records management program be doing more for your organization?

The way we generate, use and store information is constantly changing, and a records management program that supports and protects your business should reflect that.

So whether your organization is just starting down the records management path or has a long-standing program, it doesn’t hurt to get feedback from the experts.

What it does

The TAB Gap Analysis is designed to evaluate how content is managed (both at the source and the destination), as well as how it flows through your organization. We compare your business practices against goals and challenges, allowing for the development of a well-defined, sustainable implementation strategy that is fully compliant, supporting current and future business requirements.

How it works

The process starts with you telling us in detail about your business, including current and future challenges, and we tailor the program to that.

TAB consultants will then sit down and interview your key people to understand current information practices. We’ll be looking for answers to such questions as:

  • What challenges are you facing with information flow through your organization?
  • What are the future goals of the organization in regard to information governance and information management?
  • How could you be better serving your clients and how is the way you handle information impeding that?
  • Are you using a consistent naming structure?
  • How effective are current RM policies?
  • Are their compliance risks?

We then compare our findings against industry best practices and client knowledge, and create a deliverable that will show you how to better manage your information. It doesn’t just identify the gaps but also provides a roadmap to efficient, compliant records management.

Talk to TAB

You understand your business. We understand how information should drive business. Let’s partner to improve your information management.

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