Industry solutions

Industry solutions


TAB is pleased to work with some of North America’s largest law firms, as well as many boutique firms and corporate legal departments.

TAB’s solutions for the legal industry help you reduce file storage costs, improve access to files, go digital, and manage the hybrid environment of paper and electronic legal records.

Improve access to legal files

TAB’s solutions help you quickly find and retrieve client files, case files and matter files, regardless of format. Our TAB FusionRMS software helps you track and manage legal files in any location.

Minimize file storage costs

TAB helps you minimize file storage costs with compact, efficient shelving solutions and purges of unneeded paper and electronic documents. To reduce your information management overhead, we also offer outsourced solutions and records-management-as-a-service.

Manage electronic and paper files together

Many legal organizations are in the midst of transitioning to electronic records, leaving some records digital and some in paper format. TAB can help you organize, access and manage files in this “hybrid” environment.

Go digital

To reduce your dependence and expenditures on paper files, TAB can help you develop and implement electronic workflows, manage large-scale digitization projects and deploy effective change management strategies.

Manage risk and maintain compliance

TAB’s experts help you apply proven policies and approaches to meet legal industry compliance requirements.

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