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Manufacturing Case Study: TAB Helps Johnson Controls with LEED Certification

Johnson Controls, Inc. had big plans when they decided to renovate and expand their Glendale, Wisconsin home office headquarters.

To become a LEED Platinum Certified complex, and the world’s most sustainable campus.

In order to achieve such ambitious goals, they needed to ensure that every aspect of their green retrofit lived up to the exacting standards of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.

As part of their renovation plans, Johnson Controls was faced with moving and repurposing the extensive records management systems in their Corporate Tax and Corporate Law Departments.

Johnson Controls, Inc. has been a long-time client of TAB’s. The file storage equipment that was being moved and repurposed was installed by TAB many years ago. In fact, the TAB Account Manager who planned the overall move project was part of the team that installed the original systems, in a TAB rookie training exercise, some 20 years earlier.

Business Situation

Johnson Controls was looking for trusted business partners who shared their commitment to achieving their ambitious goals. Partners who were capable of delivering the efficiency and excellence they expect of themselves, whose vision commits to “creating a more comfortable, safe and sustainable world.”

TAB’s Solution

The proposed solution included many phases, and logistic planning sessions to get the project done correctly, and within the allotted timelines, with minimum waste.

The overall project included the repurposing of TAB-TRAC mobile shelving units that were 20+ years old, and the reuse of all components, in new configurations, in the renovated departments.

To deliver this project, the move was designed into three phases: Teardown of existing high-density mobile shelving, relocate the shelving to temporary offices and warehousing surplus units, and then repurposing of equipment and materials for the move back to headquarters.

To ensure maximum contribution towards LEED certification and keep a tight hold on logistics and deadlines, TAB had an extensive consultation process including all members of Johnson Control’s corporate facilities team, along with key representatives from their Corporate Tax and Legal departments. Corporate Tax had the largest collection of files, boxes and binders, with the project plan being completed over a weekend.

Business Benefits and Results

The client was committed to reducing, reusing and recycling as much product and material as possible. The team at TAB really used their expertise and creativity to reduce, reuse and recycle as much material as possible. At the end of this project, all that was left was a single garbage can of waste. That’s an amazing achievement by any standard!

This is also a true testament to the excellent quality and durability of the original units that TAB had installed. In addition, TAB was able to return a portion of surplus plastic components to the original raw material manufacturer for 100% recycle and reuse. In all likelihood, the recycled raw material will be returned to TAB in the form of new finished products. Not only did this contribute to the LEED rating for using recycled materials, but also by sourcing from a local supplier, TAB was able to limit transportation and fuel costs.

Download a PDF of this case study here.

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