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April 2015 Resource Roundup



APRIL 2015


1. Metrics that Matter for EDRMS and ROI

Metrics that Matter for EDRMS and ROI

Need to demonstrate ROI and business value for your EDRMS? The key lies in generating “better” metrics that are tied to business objectives. This resource shows you how to do that with an easy to understand, step-by-step guide.

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2. Assessment Tool: Find out if Imaging is Right for your Organization

Document Imaging Assessment Tool

This is essential reading if your organization is considering digital imaging as part of your RM program. Find out if imaging is right for you, how quickly you can expect to see ROI, and what goes into a successful project.

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3. Reduce Offsite Storage Costs Now

Reduce Offsite Storage Costs

We’ve put together three tips to help your organization reduce your offsite storage expenditure. We’ll look in depth at:

  • The role of retention schedules
  • Conducting records purges and offsite box audits
  • Optimizing on-site storage potential
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offsite storage costs >