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April 2015 OnRecord Newsletter: Going Electronic? 5 Things You Need to Know




APRIL 2015


1. 5 Keys to a Successful Electronic Conversion

Successful Electronic Conversion

Going electronic? It’s about more than selecting the right software, or imaging every piece of paper you’ve got. Instead, it needs to be about the bigger picture, making sure this conversion works to improve your daily operations. To help you do that, we’ve put together five things to consider as you start your project. We’ll look at:

  • Understanding business drivers
  • Looking beyond technology
  • Building a solid records management foundation
  • Managing change
  • Developing realistic expectations
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2. Best of the Blog: 6 Ways to Optimize Your Physical Records Collection

Optimizing Your Physical Records Collection

Our most read blog entry looks at what you can do to efficiently manage and unlock the value of your physical records collection.

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3. Paper & Electronic Records Together? TAB FusionRMS Can Help

TAB FusionRMS records management software

If records management best practices are the foundation of successfully meeting the hybrid challenges, then the mortar that holds it all together is TAB FusionRMS.

Find out how TAB FusionRMS can help you better manage your paper and electronic records.



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