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April 2016: Why, What & How: Three questions to answer before every imaging project




APRIL 2016


1. New Guide: Three Questions to Answer Before Embarking on a Document Imaging Project

document imaging

This guide was prepared to help representatives from lines of business, operations, IT and records management in the early planning stages of a document imaging project.

By exploring three questions – Why, What and How – the guide will help you learn:

  • the potential business benefits of document imaging
  • what outcomes you should expect
  • how to plan the project to match your business goals
  • what you should scan, and what you should not
  • some of the novel ways that organizations are approaching imaging in order to ensure successful outcomes.
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2. Blog: Key RIM Considerations for a Merger or Acquisition

Mergers and Acquisitions Blog Post

Mergers and acquisitions present records managers with a unique set of challenges that start long before the deal actually closes. In a two-part blog post, we explore some of the key questions to ask before a merger or acquisition. The questions will help you understand what to expect so that you can support the deal and prepare for a successful transition.

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3. TAB SMART: A Structured Approach to Reducing File Volumes

TAB SMART - Streamline, Manage, Access, Retain, Toss

Most records managers know that they are storing documents the organization no longer needs, and that these documents are taking up space and wasting money. However it is not always easy to find the unneeded documents, and the disposal process introduces the potential for costly mistakes.

Our TAB SMART service can help. It offers a proven methodology to rid yourself of unneeded documents in a consistent, accurate and defensible way.

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