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August 2015 OnRecord Newsletter: Resources to help you manage paper and electronic records together






1. New toolkit download! Resources for managing the hybrid records environment

Hybrid Records Management - Toolkit of Resources for Managing Paper and Electronic Records Together

One of the common challenges many organizations are facing is managing both electronic and physical records together in a “hybrid” records environment. With both formats growing in volume, organization must adopt new strategies, policies and even new technologies.

We have published a number of resources over the past year on how to successfully manage hybrid records environments. Our latest toolkit brings together several best-practice guides as well as a great case study to show you how it is done.

Download the hybrid toolkit >



2. Records management software explained – in 5 bullet points or less!

Records Management Software 101 - Basics of RM Software

To successfully manage the hybrid records environment, many organizations have turned to specialty records management (RM) software.

This blog post provides a quick run-through of the key things to know about RM software. You may be surprised to learn what it can do for you!

Read the blog post >



3. Explore TAB FusionRMS: Software for the hybrid environment

TAB FusionRMS Records Management Software for Managing Physical and Electronic Records Together

One of the tricky aspects of the hybrid records environment is that a record collection can contain a variety of different forms and formats. For example, some accounts payable records could be paper invoices, or they could be electronic documents.

That’s where a hybrid records software tool becomes essential. You are able to manage all records in one central repository, regardless of format.

TAB FusionRMS is purpose-built to manage complex records environments that include both paper and electronic records.

Learn more about TAB FusionRMS >



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