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1. Toolkit: Understanding and Applying RM Software

Records Management Software Toolkit

Our toolkit covers the ins and outs of records management software.

To help you choose the right provider, the toolkit includes a buyer’s guide as well as a comparative overview of the software used for records management.

It also includes a checklist of technical questions to ask and a white paper showing how to set up the software for optimal reporting.

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2. RM 101: Vital Records Protection

Vital Records Protection

Business continuity and disaster recovery plans don’t guarantee the integrity of your vital records.

This resource walks you through a five-step process to ensure that your most important records are protected in the event of disaster or other business interruption.

You will learn how define and identify vital records in your collection, how to create backups, how to line up your recovery services and more.

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3. Webinar: Principles for Environmentally Friendly Records Management

Green Records Management Webinar

Our four-part webinar series provides tips and best practices for making your records management program more environmentally friendly. You will learn about storage design, offsite storage, green filing supplies, records disposal and more.

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