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December 2013 OnRecord Newsletter: The Best Records Management Resources of 2013




1. WEBINAR: What We’ve Learned from Hundreds of Imaging and Conversion Projects

Document Imaging Webinar

Our most popular resource from 2013, this webinar covers steps that you can take to put the right plan in place and make your document conversion project a smooth one.

Learn from our imaging experience – watch the webinar here.

2. TAB Guide: Creating a “Paperlite” Environment

Remember the “paperless office”? It never happened, but it is possible to create a “paperlite” environment – one in which you don’t have any more paper than you actually need. This guide, our second most popular resource this year, shows you how to get there.

Get it here.

3. Imaging Guide: How to Plan Your Document Conversion

Rounding out our top three resources, this guide shows you how to plan and execute a successful document conversion. It also offers tips for choosing the right partner to help you with your conversion.

Get it here.

4. Best of the Blog: Top 3 in 2013

We couldn’t be more pleased at the positive reaction to our blog this year. We’re happy that people are finding it useful and we will continue to blog weekly in 2014.

Here are the three most popular blog posts from the past year:

  1. Steps to Improve Your File Classification
  2. Guidelines for Making the Most of your Electronic Folder Structures
  3. Your Checklist for Designing Electronic Folder Structures that Work

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