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Best of 2016 Part 4: The Year’s Top Blog Posts




1. Six Steps to Improve Your File Classification

File Classification

Our most popular blog post of 2016 looks at the basic principles of file classification and shares practical strategies for developing and implementing the right filing system.

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2. What is Mobile Records Management, and Why Does it Matter?

mobile records management

Mobile records and information management is all about managing records and information anywhere, any time, and from any device. To make this a reality, records management software such as TAB FusionRMS takes advantage of the ubiquity and computing power of devices such as smart phones and tablet computers. This allows workers to conduct a number of their records management tasks on-the-go, wherever they are working.

This blog post explains some of the common uses of mobile records management and how it adds value to a diverse range of business processes.

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3. Records Retention: Busting the Myths to Get it Right

records retention

Rules of thumb can be helpful in certain situations, but they are not always your friend when it comes to records retention. This blog post shows you which rules of thumb you should avoid in order to side-step the common pitfalls of records retention.

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