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February 2014 OnRecord Newsletter: M&A File Audits, Optimizing Physical Records, Electronic Folder Structures, Successful Imaging Projects


1. NEW Resource: 10 Key Considerations for M&A File Collection Audits

File Collection Audits for Mergers & Acquisitions

Involved in a merger or acquisition? Find out how you can make sure incoming file collections – both paper and electronic – are incorporated seamlessly into your existing program.

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2. Best of The Blog: Making the Most of Electronic Folder Structures

Catch up on the most read blog from last month, which looks at how you can identify content in your folder structures and how to maintain them going forward.

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3. Top Download: 9 Elements of a Successful Imaging Project

We’ve helped hundreds of organizations with the journey to e-records. Here are things we’ve learned along the way.

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4. From Slideshare: 3 Ways You Can Optimize Physical Records

Optimizing Physical Files Slideshare Presentation

Discover how the right classification structure, centralized collections and file tracking software can improve filing efficiency.

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5. Product News: Make Imaging Documents Easier with TABQUIK and FusionRMS

Find out how these TAB software products can make your imaging project a smooth one.

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