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February 2015 OnRecord: How to Solve the Top 5 Hybrid Records Challenges



1. Solving the Top 5 Hybrid Records Challenges

Solving the Top 5 Hybrid Records Challenges

We’ve put together the top 5 hybrid records environment challenges we’re seeing from our clients, and the records management solutions you can use to overcome them.

We’ll take a look at:

  • Record identification
  • Controlling the record lifecycle
  • Identifying official records
  • Handling increasing record volumes
  • Getting user buy-in

You can download this resource here.

2. Best of the Blog: Creating an Effective RM Policy

How to create an effective RM policy

Our most read blog entry looks at what you can do to create a living, breathing, records management policy that ensures compliant employee behavior on a daily basis.


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3. Get Better at Hybrid Records Management with TAB FusionRMS

Learn more about TAB FusionRMS - Image

If records management best practices are the foundation of successfully meeting the hybrid challenges, then the mortar that holds it all together is TABFusion RMS.

Find out how TAB FusionRMS can help you better manage your paper and electronic records.


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