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February 2016: What’s Hot in Records Management






1. TAB Resource: Records Retention Toolkit

records retention toolkit

Is your retention schedule accurate? Does it reflect the latest industry and legislative requirements?

If not, you may be exposing your organization to unnecessary business and compliance risks, while missing out on the benefits of improved document access and space savings.

This toolkit will help you reap the full reward of records retention.

You will learn about:

  • the basics of records retention
  • where to focus your retention efforts
  • how to design and implement the right retention program for your organization.
Download the retention toolkit >


2. Solving the Top 5 Hybrid Records Challenges

hybrid records management challenges

This resources outlines the top 5 hybrid records environment challenges and the records management solutions you can use to overcome them.

We’ll take a look at:

  • record identification
  • controlling the record lifecycle
  • identifying official records
  • handling increasing record volumes
  • getting user buy-in.
Download the white paper >


3. Custom Folder Guide

custom folder guide

Smart folder design is essential for optimizing workflows, file retrieval, and document security. This guide will help you evaluate your current folders and show you how to turn them into first-rate records management tools.

Get the custom folder guide >



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