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February 2016: Brand New ROI Calculator – Making the Case for RM software




1. ROI Calculator: Making the Case for RM Software

records management software - return on investment (ROI) calculator

There are many benefits to records management software but it is not always easy to make a formal business case and convince the people who hold the purse strings.

Our brand new ROI calculator can help. It provides a structured approach for calculating the savings from five main employee activities.

The template helps you calculate the savings on document retrieval, filing, copying, as well as finding and recreating lost information.

We also share the typical investments associated with records management software so that you can determine your yearly return.

Download the ROI calculator >

2. Five Best Practices for Managing Hybrid Records

Hybrid Records Management

In the hybrid environment, records may now exist in one or more digital or paper formats. For many traditional RM programs, this can really throw a wrench into the works.

If more and more of your records are starting to appear in both formats, this blog post can help. It outlines five key best practices to adapt and manage in the hybrid environment.

Read the blog post >

3. Find and Order Your Filing Supplies Online!

TAB Ecommerce - Buy Filing Supplies Online

Ordering filing supplies should be convenient and not take time away from other important tasks.

With TAB’s online storefront, ordering filing supplies is easy and fast.

You can search for products by name or number and quickly repeat previous orders. We also simplify your expense reporting by providing a full history of your orders and spend.

Request a copy of our supplies catalog here.

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