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February 2017 Technology Update: Five strategies for a successful RM software deployment




1. Five Strategies to Ensure RM Software Success

Records Management Software Implementation Tips

Records management software isn’t the kind of solution that can be pulled off the shelf, powered up, and put to work.

Not if you want it to work well and deliver the value you expect. With RM software, the real magic happens during the implementation process. This is when the software is configured and customized to meet the specific needs of your organization.

To help you plan your RM software implementation, this white paper shares five key strategies that our clients have employed across hundreds of successful implementations.

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2. How-To Video: Using the TAB FusionRMS Email Module

TAB FusionRMS Email Module

This recorded webinar shares best practices for using the TAB FusionRMS email module. We discuss assigning and managing email notifications through FusionRMS, and other tips and tricks.

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3. TAB FusionRMS for Improved Governance and Compliance

TAB FusionRMS for Improved Governance and Compliance

Concerned that your information and business processes are not compliant? TAB FusionRMS can help. It provides a number of tools that support compliance and information governance. You can:

  • provide evidence of compliance through complete chain-of-custody reporting
  • manage security with access permissions at the document level
  • ensure defensible disposition through consistent, automated application of records policies for your entire collection.
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