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January 2014 OnRecord Newsletter: Tips on moving to e-records, reducing storage costs, metadata, RMS and imaging



1. NEW Resource: 9 Elements of a Successful Imaging Project

Document Imaging White Paper

Organizations continue to image their physical documents on their path to better records management. We’ve helped hundreds of organizations with the journey to e-records. Here are 9 things we’ve learned along the way.

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2. Best of The Blog: Measuring the Success of Records Management Software

Records Management Blog

Catch up on the most read blog from last month, which looked at how organizations can measure the success of their records management software.

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3. Top Download: How Metadata Works with Records Management

Want clarification on metadata? Are you using it correctly? Find out what you need to know in this resource.

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4. From Slideshare: How to Reduce Offsite Storage Costs

Paying too much for offsite storage? These best practices can help.

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5. Featured Webinar: Planning a Document Conversion

Webinar: How to Plan a Document Conversion

If you are thinking of imaging your records, this step-by-step webinar has everything you need to know to plan your project.

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