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January 2015 OnRecord: 3 Ways You Can Improve Access to Physical Records




1. Strategies in Centralized Filing

Centralized Document Filing Guide

Bringing your smaller records collections together is a great way to improve the efficiency of your RM program. Not only will centralization enhance access, space utilization, security, and legislative compliance, it is also a great way to get your files in order for conversion to electronic format.

But is file centralization right for your organization? This white paper will help you answer that, as well as providing great “how to” strategies and tips.



You can download this resource here.



2. A Simple Guide to Smarter File Storage

Smarter Document Storage

Efficient, well-organized file storage systems are an essential part of improving access to your information. This guide will tell you what you need so you can make the right buying and design decisions when it comes to expanding and enhancing your current file storage system.



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3. Custom Folder Guide

Custom File Folder

How well are your files performing?

When it comes to workflow, retrieval, and security, getting the folder that meets your needs ensures your filing system is as functional as possible. This guide will help you evaluate your current files and give you options that can turn them into first-rate records management tools.



Download our Custom Folder Guide here.