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January 2016 OnRecord Newsletter: New toolkit – four resources to help with document imaging projects





1. New Toolkit Download: Four Document Imaging Resources

New toolkit download: four document imaging resources

As we have discussed in our blog, document imaging projects can go wrong as often as they go right. To avoid the pitfalls of document imaging, it is important to plan your conversion project carefully and employ tried-and-true best practices.

To help your conversion project succeed, we have put together a new toolkit containing four resources on document imaging. The toolkit covers all aspects of the imaging project, from the initial planning steps through to execution.

In addition to a great imaging case study, the toolkit includes a white paper on imaging best practices, a guide to in-house vs. outsourced imaging, and a guide to choosing a provider.

Download the toolkit >

2. The Top 10 Records Management Blog Posts

The Top 10 Records Management Blog Posts

We recently published our 200th blog post, and to mark the milestone, we have compiled the Top 10 most popular blog posts of the past few years.

The Top 10 posts address a wide range of records management topics, from basic concepts such as classification, to more emerging challenges such as metadata.

Explore the Top 10 blog posts >

3. TAB Implementation Services: Helping Hands and Expert Guidance

TAB Implementation Services: Helping hands and Expert Guidance

If you require planning or executional support for a records management program, TAB can help with our comprehensive set of implementation services.

Based on your situation and need, we can complement your in-house team with expert consultants, project managers and skilled knowledge workers. Talk to our implementation services team for help with challenges such as:

  • RM program design
  • file moves and conversions
  • records storage services
  • file room management.
Learn more about TAB’s implementation services >


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