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January 2017: What Your Colleagues Are Reading on TAB.com







1. Myth Busting: A Records Retention Action Plan

Records Retention

A records retention schedule is an essential part of an effective RM program, but unfortunately, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions floating around on the subject of retention.

Get the facts and learn how to create a compliant retention schedule in this must-have white paper.

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2. Six Simple Tips for File Classification

File Classification Tips

A functional classification scheme is another cornerstone of an effective records management program. This guide shows you how to create a robust classification system that will work for your entire collection and help improve document retrieval times.

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3. Assessment Tool: Electronic Folder Structures

Electronic Folder Structures

Want to get better at naming electronic folders? This tool will help! These assessment questions will help you create electronic folders that meet compliance requirements and allow users to find information faster.

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