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July 2014 OnRecord Newsletter: Metadata, Imaging, Electronic Retention & Demonstrating RM Value



July 2014



1. Highlights from the Resource Center: Top 3 Downloads

Highlights from the Resource Center: Top 3 Downloads

A selection of the most popular white papers in 2014:

The EDRMS Opportunity: Demonstrating the Value of Records Management

Leveraging RM expertise to make a significant contribution to your IT and business partners during an EDRMS implementation.

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How Metadata Works with Records Management

Combining metadata with your existing RM practices to improve overall efficiency.

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Strategies for Developing a Document Imaging and Electronic Retention Program

Planning and implementing a program designed to replace retained paper records with electronic versions.

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2. This Year’s Most Read Blogs

This Year's Most Read Blogs

In case you missed them, here are the most popular blog entries to date:

Electronic Folder Structure Guidelines

Identifying content in your folder structures and how to maintain them going forward.

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6 Steps to Improve Your File Classification

Build a functional classification system from scratch or overhaul an existing system.

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Want to Get Your Shared Drive Under Control? Start Here

Develop an efficient and systematic approach to sharing and storing information.

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3. Now on Slideshare: Just the Hits!

Now on Slideshare: Just the Hits!

These three presentations were the most viewed on Slideshare:

Tips for Reducing Your Offsite Storage Costs

Good records management means less offsite storage spend.

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Understanding the Hybrid Environment: An Introduction for Records Managers

Managing paper and electronic records in the same environment.

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Space Planning in Records Management

Optimize your physical space for better access and storage.

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4. Video: How to Properly Store Large Documents

Video: How to Properly Store Large Documents

Storing large documents? Learn everything from labeling best practices to storage techniques and recommended equipment.

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