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JULY 2016



1. Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Right RM Software

Records Management Software Buyer's Guide

What should you be looking for in a records management software solution? Our buyer’s guide gives you answers.

This comprehensive guide walks you through all the key criteria that you should consider when researching and evaluating a records management software solution. It covers:

how RM software differs from ECM and content portals
how to establish your requirements
the minimum functionality you should expect
a handy checklist of features to ask about.


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2. Outsourcing Records Management: Why and How

Records Management Outsourcing

Records management outsourcing has emerged as a cost-effective alternative to traditional in-house management of active records.

This resource provides a complete overview of records management outsourcing, covering the following key topics:

what is an “active records center”
the full business case for outsourcing
how to choose a provider.


Download the white paper >



3. White Paper: Optimize Your RM Program with Color Coding

Color Coding for Records Management

Color-coded filing systems are a simple but effective way to increase operational efficiency and manager records-related risk.

If you are not yet using color-coding in your records room, this white paper can help. It provides an overview of the science and technique behind color-coding to help you put it to use in your organization.

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