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June 2014 OnRecord Newsletter: How to Organize and Manage Your Information



June 2014

1. White Paper: Six Simple File Classification Tips

File Classification Tips

If any of the following statements apply to your organization, it’s time to rethink your classification situation:

  • It takes us too long to find the information we need
  • Everyone in my organization has their own system for arranging files
  • We’ve lost or misplaced important documents
  • We have no real system for organizing our files
  • We have to sift through piles of outdated records to find current content
  • We keep all of our files forever, and now we’re running out of space
  • We don’t always have access to the information we need to make important business decisions

Whether you need to build a functional classification system from scratch or refine your existing system, this resource will show you how.

Download the resource here.

2. Top Download: Strategies in Centralized Filing

Centralized Filing

In this whitepaper on centralized filing, we’ll help you decide whether centralization is right for your organization, with comprehensive analysis and tips on:

  • When to Centralize: Advantages & Business Cases
  • Business Process Efficiency
  • Space Savings
  • Security
  • Legislative Compliance
  • How to Centralize: Techniques & Tools
  • File Consolidation & Conversion
  • Space Planning & Storage Design
  • Centralizing Control: File Retrieval & Sign-out Procedures
  • Alternatives to Centralization
  • Alternative Strategies for Managing Records
You can download it here.

3. NEW WEBINAR: Strategies for More Efficient Records Management

We’re presenting a webinar this week aimed at organizations who want to get better at managing their information. We’ll be focusing on getting to a more efficient, “paperlite” environment.

You’ll come away from this webinar with a better understanding of:

  • best practices for tackling the increasingly complex records environment
  • tools to adapt and manage your existing collections
  • strategies for handling day-forward records.

Registration and more information here.

Date/Time: Thursday, June 26, 2014 at 12:00 pm Central Standard Time (Chicago)

To register for this online event:

  1. Click here to visit our Registration Page
  2. Click on Registration.
  3. On the Registration form, enter your information and click “Submit”.

4. From the Blog: 4 ways color coding solves RIM challenges

Our top blog looks at the unexpected ways organizations are using color coding to solve a wide range of RIM challenges.

Read it in full.

5. Now on SlideShare: Optimizing Physical Records, Part 2

Optimizing Physical Files Slideshare Presentation

Discover how standardization of supplies, maximizing space and getting ready for digital can improve filing efficiency.

See it here.

6. Video: Six Steps to Better Physical Collection Management

Physical Collection Management Video

Get great tips for optimizing the storage and retrieval of physical records in this webcast video.