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June 2016: Three resources trending now on TAB.com



JUNE 2016


1. Guide: IT Checklist for Buyers of Records Management Software

IT Checklist for Records Management Software

When evaluating an RM software solution, it is essential to look beyond the features and benefits to understand the technical aspects of the solution. Without a clear understanding of the technology involved, you run the risk of system incompatibility, project delays and performance issues.

We prepared this IT checklist to help you avoid these issues. You can use this document to:

gather essential technical information from your RM software vendor
debrief your internal IT team
identify incompatibilities, gaps and other challenges that could derail the deployment of your solution.


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2. Eight Tips for Getting Corporate Buy-In on Your Records Management Program

Corporate Buy-In for Records Management Programs

To run a successful records management program you must obtain buy-in and endorsement from several groups in the organization. Unfortunately, this isn’t always an easy task. This guide offers practical tips that will help you: retain and grow your program budget, get active input from business units and secure executive endorsement for your program.

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3. Space Planning Toolkit: Do More with Less

Space Planning Tools

This comprehensive toolkit will help you make the most of your records storage spaces. You will learn how to:

maximize your existing space, reduce storage costs, and make accessing your files easy
make the right buying and design decisions when it comes to your records storage space and equipment
reduce storage costs with the TAB SMART program
purge and consolidate files to frees space for revenue generation.


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