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March 2014 OnRecord Newsletter: RM for EDRMS Projects, Better File Classification, Real Imaging Costs & Managing the Hybrid Environment



MARCH 2014

1. The EDRMS Opportunity: Demonstrating the Value of Records Management

Leveraging Metadata, Information Architecture and Taxonomy in EDRMS Implementations

Is your organization planning an EDRMS implementation? Find out how you can leverage your metadata, information architecture and taxonomy expertise to put records management at the forefront of the project.

Download the white paper.

2. Best of The Blog: 6 Steps to Improve Your File Classification

Catch up on our most read blog from last month, which looks at the basic principles of file classification and practical strategies for developing and implementing the right filing system.

Read the blog post.

3. Top Download: The Real Cost of Imaging

The Real Cost of Imaging: DIY vs Outsourcing

For organizations considering imaging, the “DIY vs Outsourcing” decision can be a tough one. This resource will give you the information you need to make the right decision.

Read more here.

4. From Slideshare: Get Better at Managing the Hybrid Environment

A must-see presentation for those who are looking for strategies and tips to manage paper and electronic records in the same environment.

See it here.

5. VIDEO: Meet the Challenges of Hybrid Records with TAB FusionRMS

VIDEO: Meet the Challenges of Hybrid Records with TAB FusionRMS

Learn how TAB FusionRMS can help you manage your physical and electronic records.

Watch it here.