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March 2015 OnRecord: An Action Plan for Cloud Storage – Making it Work


MARCH 2015

1. Making Cloud Storage Work—A Records Management Action Plan

Cloud RM Action Plan

For most organizations looking to reap the benefits of cheaper, higher capacity storage offered by cloud solutions, it quickly becomes apparent that there are a multitude of business and legal challenges posed by cloud storage that need to be addressed.

But where to start?

We’ve created an action plan for those organizations that have considered the challenges and know that cloud storage makes sense for them. By actively taking the 7 steps detailed in this resource, an organization can enjoy the advantages of the cloud model while at the same time meeting the basic principles and objectives of an effective records management program.

You can download this resource here.

2. Best of the Blog: 10 Elements of a Successful RM Training Program

How to create an effective RM training program

Our most read blog entry looks at what you can do to help ensure that staff are “on board” and able to comply with program requirements on an ongoing basis.

Read the blog post here.

3. Check Out Our Breakthrough in Green Filing!

Learn more about TAB Zerofile - Image

tabZEROfile is the ideal eco-friendly file folder for enterprises striving to minimize their impact on our environment.

By stepping back and looking at the overall product manufacturing lifecycle—packaging, transportation and disposal—we developed a truly “environment-friendly” folder. Even the packaging can be reused and recycled!

tabZEROfile is a 100% recyclable, carbon neutral file folder manufactured using certified products from well-managed forests. What’s more, this folder is priced the same as our standard folders!

It’s Carbon Neutral… TAB partnered with ZeroFootprint to calculate the carbon emissions from producing tabZEROfile folders.

…and Carbon-Offsetting. TAB contributes a carbon-offsetting donation to a a Garcia River National Forest Project in California. Unlike reforestation, this type of forest restoration factors in the specific needs of this forest in its long-term plan.

Find out more about tabZEROfile