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March 2016: Get more from your storage space with our latest toolkit




MARCH 2016


1. New Space Planning Toolkit: Do More With Less

space planning toolkit

Our latest toolkit is all about getting the most out of your records storage spaces.

This handy bundle of resources includes best practices and tips that you can apply to both onsite and offsite facilities. You will get:

  • A guide to choosing the right mobile shelving system
  • A white paper on reducing offsite storage costs
  • A project spotlight about a custom solution that maximized the use of storage space at Newberry Library in Chicago.
Download the toolkit >


2. Blog: What to Look for in an Outsourced Records Management Team

RM - Records Management Outsourcing

Whether you are outsourcing a document conversion project or turning over your active records to an outsourced provider, one of the main success factors is the experience and expertise of the outsourcing staff.

This blog post highlights the essential qualities to look for in the workers assigned to your records.

Read the blog post >


3. POWER-TRAC II: Offering the Most in Storage and Safety!

POWER-TRAC II - powered high-density mobile passive safety floor

Mobile shelving units carry thousands of pounds of weight and operate with powerful motors. Because of this, it is essential that the units include safety features to protect the well-being of your workers.

POWER-TRAC II from TAB offers the highest level of safety available in the marketplace today. Our premier high-density powered mobile shelving unit incorporates four distinct safety measures:

  • Motor current monitoring, to detect when the motor starts to draw extra current
  • Infrared carriage photo sweeps along the length of each aisle
  • Infrared aisle entry sensors at the entrance to each shelf
  • A passive safety floor with infrared sensors running along the floor between each shelf

These safety features detect potential collisions between the shelving unit and workers, and prevent injury by immediately stopping or disabling the motor.

Learn more about POWER-TRAC II >



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