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May 2013 TAB OnRecord Newsletter: Storing Records in the Cloud: What You Need to Know

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Making RM in the Cloud Work: An Action Plan!Share:    Facebook Twitter More...

1.  Considerations for Outsourcing Records Management to “The Cloud”

Thinking of moving your records to the cloud?

There are huge benefits in terms of cost and efficiency, especially as the volume of electronic records increases, but there are very real legal and business challenges that come with storing records in the cloud.

This resource will help you address those challenges, offering a records management action plan to allow your organization to take advantage of cloud records management.

You can download it here.

2.  Applied RM: How One Company Got Better at Storing, Accessing and Sharing Documents

Emery, an industrial and commercial leasing company, relies on thousands of large-size land development drawings to run their business.

The chief problem was that without a proper storage system, the documents (as well as duplicates) had become dispersed over different locations within the organization making it hard to find and share large documents when they were required.

And since the information in these documents needed to be sent to off-site project planners, potential new clients, and other internal and external stakeholders, quickly identifying and accessing the originals was critical to day-to-day operations. As a result, business growth was also heavily dependent on quick access and easy dissemination of the information contained in those documents. The time had come to find a better way to store, access and share these critical documents.

Find out how TAB helped Emery:

  • Image its records
  • Apply a functional classification system to all images
  • Centralize the collection on a shared drive
  • Create and install custom storage for paper records that needed to be retained

Read the full story.

3. Best of the Blog: Your Checklist for Designing Electronic Folder Structures that Work

With so many rules and business requirements impacting the proper way to store electronic records, it’s no longer enough to click “Save as,” create electronic folders on the fly, and use any name that comes to mind to identify your electronic record. Your folder structures should offer support to your records management program and incorporate a design that makes retrieval intuitive.

This checklist will help you decide if yours are up to the task, or if there are opportunities to enhance your electronic folder structures and, therefore, your business.

Read the full post here.

4. Video Tour: Explore TAB’s Record Centers

Records managers overseeing off-site files need more than just storage—those records need to be actively managed in order for organizations to run smoothly. As experts with deep experience in records management, TAB Records Centers are dedicated exclusively to doing just that, offering efficient support of your daily operations with services that go beyond housing your critical files.

We develop custom solutions that enable you to control, store and access critical information.

1.0 Our Staff

Our professional records management staff are hired and trained as specialists in the storage industry. We are experts in a full range of services for all records, including oversized documents.

2.0 Our Services

We provide convenient and secure facilities where a full suite of records management services make storing files safe and affordable, such as:

  • Imaging – for different media and oversized documents. We can convert your paper fiels to digital versions to reduce your storage requirements.
  • Inactive collection audits – we can perform a full audit of every box, ensuring that inventory is up-to-date>
  • Customized systems – we can simplify invoicing with a custom records delivery method and schedule.
  • 24-hour access to your information – through our web portal.

3.0 Security

Self-storage environments aren’t designed to safely store files for long periods of time. Our secure facilities can protect your collections for the long term through oversight that complies with all government and industry standards.

4.0 Saving You Money

Are you renting a storage area but using only a portion of a larger space? Are you storing documents that are no longer required? We can help.

  • Get by-the-box rates so you pay only for what you store.
  • Let us manage the destruction of your out-of-date files.

Watch the video.

5. What Your Colleagues Are Downloading

Want to know what your colleagues are reading? Here are some of our popular downloads.

New Webinar: Best Practices for Managing Hybrid Records!

If you’ve got questions about managing paper and electronic records together, listen to our NEW WEBINAR recording now! You’ll learn about industry trends and best practices, what to consider when choosing tools to manage the hybrid records environment, and why classification is critical to success.

Get it here.

How Metadata Works with Records Management

Metadata is a hot topic in today’s records management environment and it’s no wonder given how it can provide a highly efficient way to manage and locate records. When combined with existing RM practices, metadata can greatly improve how you search for and retrieve all of your physical and electronic records.

Get it here.

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Making RM in the Cloud Work: An Action PlanApplied RM: Get Better at Accessing, Sharing and Storing Documents

Best of the Blog: Designing Electronic Folder Structures

Video Tour: Explore TAB’s Record Centers

What Your Colleagues Are Reading

Top Downloads
New Webinar: Best Practices for Managing Hybrid Records!

White Paper: How Metadata Works with Records Management

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