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May 2014 OnRecord Newsletter: Strategies for Document Imaging and Electronic Retention



MAY 2014

1. Replacing Paper with Electronic Records: Getting Retention Right

Imaging and Electronic Retention

This white paper outlines the key steps organizations must take to reduce risk when replacing paper records with electronic versions.


This resource is available here.

2. NEW WEBINAR: Strategies for More Efficient Records Management

We’re presenting a webinar next month aimed at organizations who want to get better at managing their information. We’ll be focusing on getting to a more efficient, “paperlite” environment.

You’ll come away from this webinar with a better understanding of:

  • best practices for tackling the increasingly complex records environment
  • tools to adapt and manage your existing collections
  • strategies for handling day-forward records.

Registration and more information here.

Date/Time: Thursday, June 26, 2014 at 12:00 pm Central Standard Time (Chicago)

To register for this online event:

  1. Click here to visit our Registration Page
  2. Click on Registration.
  3. On the Registration form, enter your information and click “Submit”.


3. Top Download: The Mobile Shelving Buyer’s Guide

Thinking of high-density mobile shelving? This resource will explain and highlight for you some of the important factors you need to consider when it comes to mobile, and how those factors will impact your buying choices.


Get your copy here

4. From the Blog: Making the Most of Your Electronic Folder Structures

TAB Records Management Blog

Our top blog covers how to identify content in your folder structures and how to maintain them going forward.

Read it in full.

5. Now on Slideshare: Eight Tools to Get Corporate Buy-In for RM

Corporate Buy-In for Records Management

Our latest presentation walks you through tools you can use to ensure that your RM program gets the organizational support it needs.


See it here

6. Video: Color Coding Files Made Easy

TABQUIK.com Color-Coded Labeling Software Video

Color coding your files can significantly improve access and retrieval times. Find out how TABQUIK can help in this short video.