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May 2015 OnRecord Newsletter: What We’ve Learned About Reducing Paper Volume



MAY 2015

1. What We’ve Learned About Creating a Paperlite Environment

Creating the Paperlite Office

This is a must-have resource for organizations looking to reduce paper volumes and become more efficient at information management. A distillation of what we’ve learned from hundreds of client engagements, this resource covers:

Using records management best practices, including:
- implementing classification and retention schedules
- creating a disposal policy
- developing and implementing a records disposition process

Managing your existing collection, including:
- getting rid of what you don’t need
- centralizing your file collections

Day-forward paperlite processes, including:
- using electronic document management systems
- conducting an operational GAP analysis
- implementing a document imaging program

Download this resource here >

2. Real World RIM: Rush University Student Affairs Document Imaging Project

Document Imaging Case Study

Rush University faced a records challenge familiar to many organizations: accessing years’ and years’ worth of physical records boxed up in a small but active file room.

Many of these records were fragile due to age; some were in soon-to-be-outmoded media like microfiche and microfilm, and all of them had one thing in common: it was time consuming to find them when they were needed.

On top of that, they were simply running out of storage space at a time when space on campus was at a premium. They needed a comprehensive solution, and they needed it quickly.

Find Out How Rush University Tackled Their RM Challenge >

3. Best of the Blog: Six Strategies for Greening Your RM Program

Green Records Management

Our most read blog entry looks at what you can do to make your records management program environmentally friendly, and that’s just good for business!

Read the full blog here >

4. Video: How Records Managers Can Get More Done in a Day With TAB FusionRMS

records management software demo

Follow Michelle, a records manager at Standard Corporation, through a typical morning as she uses TAB FusionRMS to quickly and efficiently get through her to-do list.

If you’d like to find out more about how TAB FusionRMS can help you be more efficient, please get in touch.

Watch the video >

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