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May 2016: Eight awesome ways that metadata supercharges your RIM software



MAY 2016


1. New White Paper: 8 Awesome Ways That Metadata Supercharges Your RIM Software

metadata and RIM software

Metadata plays an integral role in the success of software systems, and this is especially true with records and information management (RIM) software.

Unfortunately, many business professionals are unclear on the role of metadata and why it is so important for RIM systems.

This white paper can help. It provides:

  • an overview of what metadata is
  • a list of what is involved in designing and implementing metadata
  • real-world examples of how metadata adds value in a RIM system.
Download the white paper now >


2. Blog: How to Calculate the ROI of RIM Software

RIM Software ROI Calculator

Records management software makes a direct impact on the bottom line by helping workers do their jobs faster and make fewer costly mistakes.

To help you make the business case for RIM software, this blog post outlines a step-by-step approach for estimating your document-related efficiencies and calculating your ROI.

Read the blog post >


3. Mobile Records Management is Here! Introducing TAB FusionRMS 9.4

TAB FusionRMS mobile records management software

The latest version of TAB FusionRMS is available now, and it comes with many exciting new features, including a brand-new mobile app.

The mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices. It allows you to search for and view documents, request and transfer documents, and even scan a barcode using your phone’s built-in camera!

Learn more about FusionRMS 9.4 >


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