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November 2014 Resource Roundup: Change Management Tips for RM Professionals



1. 7 Tips for Managing Change in Records Management

Change Management in Records Management

Why should records managers care about change management? A good RM program needs to evolve to meet constantly shifting organizational priorities, and that means implementing changes.

Maybe you need a new records retention schedule to address legal risk. Or perhaps you’re overhauling your retrieval system to address the challenges of the hybrid environment. Whatever the change, effective implementation requires a proactive, broad-based approach that never forgets the connection between records and business.

By applying the seven tips discussed in this article, you can make that connection the center of a records management program that is truly equipped to change with the times.

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2. Imaging Guide: How to Plan Your Document Conversion

Document Imaging Conversion Plan

This guide outlines some of the steps you’ll need to take in order to successfully plan and execute your document conversion. Because the resources and expertise needed for conversion are generally beyond the capacity of most businesses, the information provided here is also intended to give you the knowledge you need to evaluate and select the right records management partner to help you with your conversion.

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3. New TAB Catalog Now Available!

Filing Systems Supplies Catalog

Looking for the product for your records management needs? The new TAB Express catalog is a good place to start. From file folders and labels to mobile shelving and records management software, we’ve got what you are looking for.

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