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November 2015 OnRecord Newsletter: four tools to increase your filing efficiency







1. New Toolkit Download: Four Tools to Increase Your Filing Efficiency

Efficient Paper Filing Toolkit, Volume II

The efficiency of your paper filing systems isn’t a filing issue, it is a business issue. A more efficient filing system can help you:

  • save on real estate and operating costs
  • increase staff productivity
  • improve customer service
  • reduce risk and enhance compliance.

Our latest toolkit includes four resources to help you do all of these things. Get tips and best practices for optimizing physical records, tracking files, protecting paper records and more.


Download the toolkit here >



2. Blog Post: How RM Can Help the Organization During Difficult Economic Times

Records Management During a Recession - Blog Post

Depending on your particular industry and which part of the world you live in, you may be experiencing the effects of an economic downturn. If you’re not actually in a downturn, you may be struggling to recover from one!

For records managers, tough economic times provide a unique and invaluable opportunity to do more for the organization. Even if the downturn hasn’t directly affected your records management department, it still gives you an opportunity to shine.


Learn how in our blog post >



3. Beyond the Folder: Specialized Storage Solutions From TAB

Specialized Storage Solutions

Not all storage solutions involve files and folders.

Through a combination of professional services and highly adaptable storage systems, TAB has implemented storage solutions for a huge range of items such as retail inventories and museum collections.

TAB’s specialized storage solutions can be found in a diverse set of environments, including:

  • universities and libraries
  • government and military offices
  • museums
  • police departments and courthouses
  • retail storage facilities


Learn about TAB’s specialized storage solutions >






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