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October 2014 OnRecord Newsletter: NEW RESOURCE: What Information Governance Means for RM







1. What Information Governance Means for RM

Information Governance

What is IG? How does it work? Does it matter?

The RIM world is abuzz with talk of IG right now, and records managers have questions. This primer is designed to help you get a better understanding of information governance and how it relates to your records management program.

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2. WEBINAR: How to Manage Paper and Electronic Records Together

Hybrid Records Webinar - Managing Paper and Electronic Records Together

Want to get better at managing the hybrid records environment? This webinar was designed for RIM professionals like yourself. Based on our extensive experience in this area, we’ll cover:

  • considerations when choosing tools
  • why classification is critical
  • records management best practices
  • real world learning from client engagements
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3. 3 Tips for Reducing Offsite Storage Costs

Reducing Offsite Storage Costs

“Too much of our records management budget goes to offsite storage. How do we get the cost down?”

It’s a question our clients often ask, and seems to be a common problem for records management departments everywhere.

So we’ve put together three tips to help your organization reduce your offsite storage expenditure. We’ll look in depth at:

  • The role of retention schedules
  • Conducting records purges and offsite box audits
  • Optimizing on-site storage potential
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