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October 2015 Technology Update: New guide – Technical Checklist for RM Software



TAB Technology Update




1. Guide: IT checklist for buyers of records management software

records management software IT checklist

When evaluating an RM software solution, it is essential to look beyond the features and benefits to understand the technical aspects of the solution. Without a clear understanding of the technology involved, you run the risk of system incompatibility, project delays and performance issues.

We prepared this IT checklist to help you avoid these issues. You can use this document to:

  • gather essential technical information from your RM software vendor
  • debrief your internal IT team
  • identify incompatibilities, gaps and other challenges that could derail the deployment of your solution.
Download the IT checklist >



2. Video: How TAB FusionRMS helps you with electronic and physical records

New Records Management Software Overview Video - FusionRMS.TAB.com

This video overview takes you through the key features of TAB FusionRMS, illustrating just how easy it is to manage electronic and physical records together.

Watch the video >



3. Document imaging: TAB can help you navigate the challenges

Document Imaging Services

From a technical standpoint, document imaging is one of the most challenging projects a records management team can undertake. It often involves using new kinds of equipment and ensuring that the equipment interfaces correctly and consistently with your existing systems and technologies.

An experienced partner can ensure that this process runs smoothly. With thousands of imaging projects under our belt, we understand the technical side of document imaging and how to make it work in your environment.

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