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October 2016: Learn about the hidden costs of document imaging projects








1. Budgeting Your Imaging Project: Six Overlooked Cost Factors

Document Imaging Budget

Document imaging projects tend to be large and complex, with many moving parts. This makes them very difficult to budget for. How do you accurately predict timing and costs?

If you are planning and budgeting a document imaging project, this guide can help. It explains six commonly overlooked cost factors that can drive up the cost of your project. The guide will help ensure that your plan stays on track and that you keep your costs in check!

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2. Blog: A Practical Approach to Managing Shared Drives

Shared Drives

Shared drives are a fact of life for many organizations, and when organized properly they can be very useful document storage and sharing tools. But, they can also turn into an unstructured wasteland of information if proper records management best practices aren’t applied.

In a two-part blog post we outline a practical approach to manage your shared drives and avoid the pitfalls.

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3. Get Help With Your Imaging Initiatives

document imaging services

TAB has helped to plan, budget, manage, and execute hundreds of successful document imaging projects over the years. Our experienced team can save you time, manage risk and improve the ROI of your imaging project.

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