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September 2016: Lessons from our clients: 5 strategies to ensure RM software success







1. New White Paper: Five Strategies to Ensure RM Software Success

Five Strategies to Ensure RM Software Success

Records management software isn’t the kind of solution that can be pulled off the shelf, powered up, and put to work.

Not if you want it to work well, and deliver the value you expect. With RM software, the real magic happens during the implementation process. This is when the software is configured and customized to meet the specific needs of your organization.

To help you plan your RM software implementation, this white paper shares five key strategies that our clients have employed across hundreds of successful implementations.

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2. Blog: How to Manage Records in a Merger or Acquisition

Blog: How to Manage Records in a Merger or Acquisition

Corporate mergers and acquisitions are complex and move through many stages before they are completed. Records managers have an important role to play at each stage to ensure that the deal is successful and that the transition is a smooth one.

In a three-part blog post we share practical tips to help you with each stage of the deal.

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3. Get Help Converting Your Files

file conversion services

There are a lot of reasons why you might need to convert files from one format – or state – into another.

Whether you need to standardize incoming files from a merger or acquisition, or convert top-tab folders into a more efficient side-tab system, TAB’s filing and storage experts can help!

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