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1. White Paper: Strategies for Developing a Document Imaging & Electronic Retention Program

Document Imaging and Electronic Retention

If your organization is looking at document imaging as a solution to paper overload and document retention challenges, you need this guide. This white paper outlines the key steps to follow when planning and implementing a program designed to replace retained paper records with electronic versions. By incorporating the steps described in this guide, it will be clearer if electronic versions of paper records will meet your records retention requirements, and if your organization is ready to go down that path.

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2. Records Retention Starter Kit

Records Retention Starter Kit

It isn’t always easy to do, but establishing the correct retention periods for your organization’s records is essential to the success of your RM program. The right retention periods help to ensure compliance, reduce risk and create greater operational efficiencies.

TAB has created this resource to help you determine the correct retention periods for your records. We will show you the important factors to consider as well as the different places you need to look in order to determine your requirements.

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3. Document Imaging & Conversion Complete Toolkit

Document Imaging Toolkit

Thinking about a digital conversion project? This comprehensive toolkit helps ensure that your document imaging project will be a success.

These resources will help you:

  • determine if imaging is right for your organization
  • prepare your RM program for a document conversion
  • plan a document conversion
  • learn how TAB can help you get the benefits and avoid the pitfalls.
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